Dear Valued Guest,

At Austin’s Steak and Buffet it is our top priority to provide all our guest the best experience in our restaurant while protecting the health and safety of our guests and employees. We share a responsibility to protect our families and community and we are taking additional actions in response to the novel coronavirus (COVID -19). 

To start, we already had robust quality assurance and safety standards in place, which we have reinforced.  The following preventative steps have been added:

  • Reinforcing vigorous cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces across the restaurant including, but not limited to, door/handles, bathroom surfaces, table tops, salt/pepper shakers and bar utensils.
  • Reinforcing our strict operating procedures, including our long standing policy of not letting employees work while sick.
  • Educating our employees on the COVID-19 threat and preventative measures and guidelines by the CDC.
  • Installing additional PURELL sanitizer dispensers in Austin’s.
  • Electrostatic Spraying Services by Enviro -Master that uses a disinfectant containing active ingredients that are EPA -registered to kill Coronaviruses

If you do not feel up to dining in the restaurant , we encourage you to take advantage of our To Go service, now offering curb side pick-up. Also, delivery options are available with Bite Squad.  For curb side pick-up feel free to download the Bite Squad app and call us with any order you would like and we will happily bring it out to your car when you arrive.

This continues to be a fast-moving and evolving issue, and we are working diligently to take steps to protect our valued guest and employees.  Thank you for your support and trust.

Austin's Steak & Buffet